Welcome to my blog! I’m David, a 21-year-old pursuing active adventure from Surrey, England. This is my journey from mediocre fun-runner to Great Britain Age-Group Triathlon qualification using Dr. Phil Maffetone’s MAF training method.

If illness and injury is frustrating your performance gains like it plagued me, then find out here about my experience with the MAF training method and how it has kept me in good health – from specific training tips, to nutrition and race advice.

The MAF method has elevated my performance dramatically and I wanted to document and share what I’ve learned on the journey.  This site is for anyone who wants to learn and understand about a different style of health and fitness training,  how I’ve applied it to my training, and my experiences.

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To simply see my training schedule, and follow my journey to Great Britain Age-Group qualifiers, check out my blog!


Current Personal Best’s:
5Km – 17.56
10km – 36.58
Half-marathon – 1.21.54
Marathon – 3.40.58

Sprint distance: 1.09.37
Olympic: 2.08.32

Check out the full list of my race results here.